DASH (Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting)
This video shows DASH in action. It is a safe way to remove weeds effectively and efficiently from any lake, pond, or other weeded area in water. Contact us for more information or for a FREE estimate
  1. Animal & Goose Repellant
    We offer animal repellent for homeowners, parks or beaches that have issues with geese feces. We also offer Goose Ex Animal Repellant to assist with unwanted geese in your garden
  2. Boat Recovery
    - Large object (such as a boat), stuck at the bottom of a lake? No problem. We are experienced in retrieving large and small objects from underwater safely and efficiently
  3. Aquatic Search & Recovery
    Have you lost something beneath the waters? Is there something at the bottom of your lake or pond that you need out? Give us a call, and we will retrieve the item(s) for you. You don't even have to lift a finger.
  4. Aquatic Weed Removal
    Got weeds, cattails or other greenery in your lake, pond or other water area? We've got you covered. We also work with lake associations to remove acres of invasive species
  5. Contract Weed Harvesting
    We own two Aquarius EH 220 harvesters- 5ft wide cutting capabilities (each harvester). We also have capabilities to haul away the weeds and work with lake associations, county's and townships with large and small lakes at a reasonable price
  6. DASH - Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting
    We'll take care of those pesky eye sores by using (DASH) Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting with a bagging system to make a clear area for swimming, boating, or just improving the view
  7. Dock & Boat Lift Sales/Install & Removal
    Contact us for a free quote
  8. Golf Ball Retrieval/Sales
    Don't worry about doing the dirty work, retrieving your golf balls. That's what we're here for! We work with golf courses to remove golf balls, clean ponds, and in turn, sell the cleaned golf balls
  9. Pond Management & Sales
    • Aerator Kits • Fountains • Compressors • Diffusers • Liners • Water Treatment
  10. Shoreline Restoration
    If you have an issue with shoreline erosion and need restoration, or if you need some help with landscaping your shoreline, we can help!
  11. Underwater Inspection
    Need something inspected? We're here for you. We can inspect anything underwater, including bridges, boats and more
  12. Shoremaster Docks & Boat Lifts
    ShoreMaster, LLC is a premier manufacturer of waterfront equipment, specifically docks and boat lifts.
  13. Shoreline Industries Docks and Boat lifts
    Shoreline Industries docks, boat lifts, and waterfront accessories add value to your waterfront property while remaining the best value in the industry.
  14. Polydock Floating Docks
    PolyDock modular floating docks are built to get you closer to your next adventure, one step at a time. Built to go where other docks don’t. Built to survive in places where words like “maintenance” are frowned upon. Built to make your stories BETTER WITH EVERY STEP.